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Clay Tile Roofing

Clay Tile Roofing Specialists

XACT HD specializes in the installation of clay tile roofing systems. We are one of a handful of companies that earned the Elite Crown Roofer status from Ludowici, the leading manufacturer of clay tile for 130 years.

Proven Durability

Ludowici terra cotta tiles are renowned for their exceptional longevity, often surpassing 100 years with minimal maintenance or cleaning needed. This roofing system boasts remarkable durability, standing up to various weather elements such as strong winds, heavy rainfall, and snow. Furthermore, terra cotta tiles are highly resistant to fire, making them an excellent option for buildings situated in wildfire-prone regions. With Ludowici terra cotta tiles, you can enjoy a long-lasting, resilient, and fire-safe roofing solution for your property.

Sustainability & LEED-Qualified

Ludowici is dedicated to practicing sustainable manufacturing methods, and their products exemplify this commitment. Ludowici tiles are crafted using locally-sourced clay and water through a unique process that produces zero waste. All Ludowici products are 100% recyclable and can be repurposed as building materials for future construction projects. Ludowici has received certifications from reputable organizations such as the Cool Roof Rating Council, Cradle to Cradle, Energy Star, and the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program. These certifications establish Ludowici as a leader in sustainability, adhering to the highest standards in the industry. Not only is the Ludowici roofing system environmentally friendly, but it also offers energy efficiency and low maintenance. By choosing Ludowici tiles, you can save money on energy costs and contribute to reducing your ecological footprint.

Safe and Chemical-Free

The manufacturing process of Ludowici tiles has undergone continuous refinement to maximize efficiency and prioritize environmental friendliness. The tiles are carefully shaped and fired in kilns, without the need for glazing or additional coatings. As a result, the tiles are free from any chemical residue, making them suitable for use in any setting without any concerns. With Ludowici tiles, you can enjoy a natural and environmentally conscious roofing option for your property.

Cost Savings

Clay tile roofs offer significant cost savings for property owners in multiple ways. With their long lifespan of over a century and minimal maintenance requirements, clay tile roofs eliminate the need for costly roof repairs or replacements, saving tens of thousands of dollars over the roof’s lifetime. Moreover, clay tile is highly energy-efficient, leading to savings of 20% or more on utility bills compared to asphalt shingle roofs. Ludowici products are particularly noteworthy, as they boast a Solar Reflective Index (SRI) above 39 for various colors. This means you can enjoy energy efficiency without compromising on the aesthetic choices for your roof.