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Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Specialists

Stone Coated Steel roofing is a fantastic option for individuals seeking a stunning and enduring roof. Available in numerous colors and styles, it can be perfectly matched to complement the aesthetics of your home. This roofing material boasts exceptional durability, even in the face of harsh weather conditions. Whether you encounter strong winds, heavy rains, or other challenging elements, Stone Coated Steel roofing is designed to withstand them with resilience, providing you with long-lasting protection and peace of mind.

Extreme Durability and Longevity

Stone Coated Steel roofs are installed in various locations worldwide, including regions with extremely harsh weather conditions. This roofing material is specifically engineered to endure wind speeds of up to 185 mph, making it highly resistant to strong gusts. It has received approval for use in Miami-Dade County, renowned for having the most stringent wind codes in the country. Furthermore, Stone Coated Steel roofs come with a 2.5″ hailstone warranty, offering additional protection against hail damage. In terms of fire safety, they hold a Class-A fire rating, which represents the highest level of fire resistance. With these exceptional features, Stone Coated Steel roofs provide both durability and peace of mind.

Increased Curb Appeal

Stone Coated Steel offers the perfect combination of versatility and aesthetics, providing the benefits of a metal roof with the visual appeal of tiles, shake, or shingles. With this roofing option, you can enhance the beauty of your home or commercial property while simultaneously increasing its value. Choose from a wide range of design options, including an array of colors, textures, and shapes, allowing you to perfectly match the roof’s design to the overall aesthetic of your property. Experience the best of both worlds with Stone Coated Steel, where functionality meets visual appeal.

Energy Efficient

Stone Coated Steel roofs are renowned for their energy efficiency. The materials used in these roofs offer enhanced insulation for your home or business, helping to regulate internal temperatures more effectively and reducing the strain on your thermostat. This translates to reduced energy costs and increased comfort throughout the year. Moreover, the steel used in Stone Coated Steel roofs is not only durable but also reusable and recyclable. By choosing this roofing option, you contribute to a more sustainable approach, as the steel can be repurposed and recycled at the end of its life cycle.


Clay and slate roofs have gained popularity due to their long-lasting durability and reliability. However, their substantial weight can be a challenge for buildings that were not designed to support such a load. In contrast, stone coated steel roofing offers the aesthetic appeal of stone or ceramic while being significantly lighter, weighing only 1.5 to 2 pounds per square foot. This makes it an ideal choice for properties that cannot accommodate the extra weight of traditional clay or slate roofs. With stone coated steel, you can enjoy the look of stone or ceramic without compromising the structural integrity of your building.