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Architectural Metal Roofing

Architectural Metal Roofing Specialists

Metal roofs offer a sleek and stylish aesthetic that can range from modern to traditional. Some metal roofs like copper or standing seam use the metallic texture to create an eye-catching aesthetic. Other metal roofing options can mimic the look of different roofing materials while providing the benefits of being more durable, energy-efficient, and lightweight.

The Benefits of Architectural Metal

  • Curb Appeal
    Whether the metal you choose is bold and modern or leaning toward traditional, the aesthetic value is unmistakable. It lasts and is resistant to hail, high winds, fire, and mold.

  • Lightweight
    Metal provides a lighter-weight alternative to some other roofing materials like slate or clay tile. This makes it friendlier to your building’s structure.

  • Weather Resistant
    Many types of metal are resistant to high winds, hail, debris, and fire, making it a beautiful and durable choice to protect your home or business.