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Copper Roofing Systems

Copper Roofing Specialists

XACT HD Metal Roofing Specialists bring years of experience in the copper and sheet metal industries, which are increasingly hard to come by in today’s market. If copper roofing is the ideal choice for your home, our skilled craftsmen are the perfect match for your roofing project.


Copper is a superb choice for roofing materials when you want your buildings to stand out. It is an incredibly versatile roofing option, offering a plethora of designs that complement various architectural styles, be it historical or modern. Copper roofs are renowned for their exceptional durability, capable of withstanding the test of time and weathering the elements. This makes copper an excellent selection for property owners seeking a long-lasting roof that will endure throughout their lifetime.

Affordability Over its Lifespan

Although the initial cost of installing a copper roof may be higher compared to other roofing materials, the long-term benefits make it a financially wise choice. Copper roofs have a remarkable lifespan of over a century, contributing to the increased resale value of properties featuring them. Their exceptional durability eliminates the need for frequent roof replacements or repairs, resulting in significant cost savings for property owners compared to other roof types. Over time, the aesthetic appeal of copper roofs only enhances, developing a stunning green patina finish that exudes elegance and timeless charm.


Copper possesses excellent malleability and ductility, making it highly adaptable for roof installers to shape it effortlessly around irregular roof structures and curves, such as domes and turrets. This flexibility allows copper to be commonly found on buildings boasting distinctive architectural elements. Moreover, copper is particularly suitable for structures with a striking, streamlined, and sophisticated aesthetic that captivates onlookers. By adorning any building, copper roofs enhance its value while providing an exquisite blend of beauty, form, and functionality.


Copper roofs offer a sustainable and eco-friendly choice, allowing you to make a responsible decision for your property. The longevity of copper roofs, lasting well beyond a century, results in minimal waste. Moreover, when the time comes to replace your roof, the materials can be recycled and repurposed without causing harm to the environment. Therefore, if you seek a stunning and sustainable roofing solution that provides both protection and aesthetic appeal for the long term, copper proves to be an outstanding option.